The Invisible Line (TIL) is a gallery committed to good art. Defining what is good, what is art, is subjective, polarizing and perhaps foolish. And that is why it’s so compelling and wonderful to challenge and explore these definitions with the artists and our audience. We have evolved as a creative space to a more curative one, working with international artists as well as local talent. TIL is constantly trying new things, as all white walls and open floors should: we have film screenings, clothing shows, conferences and more, and no art is too big or too small for us to show.


Kollier Din-Bangura is the director and owner of TIL. Inspired by the many lines that divide and cross people and cultures, he set up The Invisible Line to accentuate these contours and those who walk on, within, or away from them. He tweets, sometimes @KDBcurates

Tara Aghdashloo is the artistic director and curator of TIL. She is a writer, broadcaster and journalist, and despite her passion for politics and the polity, she’s never strayed far from art. She hopes to bring this polymathic mindset to The Invisible Line. She tweets, often @taraaghdashloo


Charlie Clarkson is TIL’s elf. Writing sometimes, e-mailing often, a woman with a boy’s name. Frequently tweeting Whitman references @charlieekate.

Alice Montanini is our latest addition to the gallery. A passionate art lover, creative writer and currently studying to be an art curator. She has a background in philosophy which influences her vision and approach to art. Find her on twitter @alice_montanini

Invisible Films (IF) is a night of screening at the gallery where we select a number of short films, short docs, animation and music videos surrounding a theme. We seek young filmmakers, known and unknown, to celebrate the art of the moving image in all its variety.

Antonia Roupell is a filmmaker with an MA in Global Cinema. Although London based, she continuously seeks to document pressing subject matter from the Middle East region. She helps coordinate the film nights.

We are currently – and always – accepting CV’s.